My journey – Being PrEP-ared

In my last post I talked about my anxiety in approaching my primary care physician about PrEP. As it turns out there was no reason to be anxious, my doctor has a few patients on PrEP. The strangeness started when I was advised not to tell anyone where I got the drug because of concerns that their practice would be overwhelmed with people seeking the medication. This speaks volumes about the lack of knowledge regarding PrEP! I asked them if they were aware of any other physicians that were prescribing PrEP, as far as they knew no other physician in the area is currently doing so. I am very fortunate to have a primary care physician who is ahead of the learning curve on this. More than a few doctor’s advised me that they are not as educated as they should be about the medication because it was so new! Really? The FDA approved Truvada as an HIV preventative in 2012! My PCP only agreed to put me on the regimen because of my background as an advocate with the local AIDS Service Organization and they knew that I would follow the protocol and come in for my 3 month screens and HIV testing (which I do through our prevention department for free). I hope that anyone reading this will take advantage of their local AIDS Service Organization for free HIV testing, it only takes 20 minutes to get the results. While your waiting find out more about Truvada for PrEP.