Case Management Services


Overview of Department


The major component of Client Services is the provision of Case Management. Within Client Services and Case Management are services including: transportation, nutritional assistance, housing, utility/rental assistance, support groups, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, dental assistance, and the SPNS Program (video teleconferencing to connect HIV+

persons in correctional facilities to case management prior to their release).

Case Management

Case Management includes a range of client-centered services that link clients with health care,

psycho-social and other support services to ensure timely, coordinated access to medically appropriate

levels of health and support services, continuity of care, ongoing assessment of the client’s and other

family members needs and personal support systems.

Essential activities include:

  • Intake
  • Assessment/Care Plan
  • On-going Service Planning
  • Referral
  • Coordination/Monitoring/Follow-up
  • Reassessment
  • Client Advocacy
  • Risk Reduction Counseling

Our well-trained and compassionate staff work individually with people who are infected with HIV to develop their own care plans. These plans help each individual and their case manager determine what the person’s needs are and how to get those needs met through linkages and referrals, and direct assistance.

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance

The Philadelphia Center operates the only HIV-specific Food Assistance Program in North Louisiana. We offer nutritional assistance for our clients via food cards that can be redeemed at Brookshire’s and Super One stores. 

NOTE: You must be a client in order to participate in this program


Housing Equals Healthcare! The lack of stable housing for persons with HIV/AIDS is a major obstacle to

access and/or maintain health care services. There is a direct relationship between access to stable

housing and access to medical care. Without housing and health care, the mortality rate for persons

living with HIV/AIDS greatly increases.

The Philadelphia Center provides affordable housing options for persons infected and affected with

HIV/AIDS through its Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program (HOPWA). These HUD

programs help low-income persons stabilize housing by preventing or interrupting homelessness, and by

working with individuals on reducing their future risks of becoming homeless. Program funds are


Health Rewards Program


Launched June 1, 2018

It is intended to help

maintain or increase Treatment Adherence (keeping HIV   medical appointments, taking HIV medications as prescribed) and Viral   Suppression (achieving and maintaining an Undetectable Viral Load). It also   seeks to encourage clients to remain active with any mental health and   substance use treatment, as well as support group participation.

Current Rewards Offered


Health Rewards Offered:


Keep scheduled HIV medical appointments:   

- Receive $20 gift card (Up to three times)


Documented Undetectable Viral Load

  - Receive $100 gift card


Attend our HIV 101 Course

  - Receive $25 gift   card


Entries for   Monthly cash drawings

•Ten $20 CASH winners monthly


See Your Case Manager to Sign Up!

Groups Currently Offered

Face to Face Mens Group

This a group designed for men living with HIV and those affected by HIV. The group is led by a licensed counselor and meets every Tuesday at 5:30 PM. Many in this group are long-term survivors who mentor those newly diagnosed. 

What is discussed in the group stays in the group.

Once a month the group has a potluck, sometimes guest speakers are invited in to speak on a topic of interest to the group. They also celebrate major holidays and decorate the Philadelphia Centers Christmas tree. Topics discussed are not always serious and the group is very relaxed. Snacks are usually provided.


Womens Group (WOO)

The women's group meets every week on Thursdays, usually at noon. They have a monthly potluck and snacks at most every meeting. This is a private group and of course what's discussed in the group stays in the group. The group has guest speakers, Bingo, and most important a relaxed and safe environment. If you are interested in joining you must be a client of the center, contact group leader Sam Ortiz at


Third Friday Group

One of the most popular groups, they meet once per month on the third Friday for this educational event. There's lots of laughter, fun, games, and prizes! Of course, there is always food at this event. They meet and discuss various topics important to those living with HIV. Topics range from  the importance of a healthy diet to how living with HIV affects your relationships.