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Testing Hours

  • 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday thru Thursday
  • Mobile Testing Unit – Special Dates & Times. See Calendar for more information.

The Determine HIV test is the 4th generation and the first that will detect both HIV antigens and antibodies so we can identify if transmission has occurred much sooner than the older tests. Administered via a finger prick, it will come back one of three ways:

  • Negative, meaning HIV antibodies were not detected. REMEMBER, though, this essentially means that the person is negative from three weeks ago and before. If there is concern about a recent exposure, re-testing after three weeks has passed is necessary.
  • Invalid, meaning something did not work correctly with the test. This does not occur often but may happen as a result of a mis-manufactured test, not a good sample, or a number of other, uncommon, reasons. If this happens, the counselor will inform the client and another test will be performed.
  • Preliminary Positive, meaning that the test found HIV antibodies in the specimen. Since this test is over 99% accurate if it comes back positive it’s a good indication of infection. However, a confirmatory test MUST be conducted to diagnose someone as HIV positive. If someone tests positive, and the second test comes back positive, the staff will work with that individual to access care and support services either through The Philadelphia Center or other appropriate care.

Prevention Material

The Prevention Department maintains 91 condom sites throughout Region 7, with testing and education information included.

Community Outreach

Our prevention staff is available to educate and facilitate on the topic of safer sex practices and age appropriate education regarding STI's and HIV.  This service is offered free of charge to any group including, health fairs, churches, schools, and community events. Please contact Virginia Player @ 

Mobile Testing Unit

Request the Mobile Testing Unit at least 2 weeks before your event.


How long will the test take?

A. 20 minutes 

Does it hurt?

A. No, its a simple finger stick

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TASP (Treatment as Prevention)


Treatment as Prevention

Sometimes referred to as TASP treatment as preventions main tenet is to stay adherant to your medications.