Be PrEPared

what is prep?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily medication that can reduce your risk of HIV transmission. Studies have shown that it is 99% effective if taken once per day, every day. 

how do i pay for prep?

Most insurance plans and state Medicaid programs cover PrEP. 

There are medication assistance programs that provide free PrEP medications to people with no insurance to cover PrEP care. Evan Stevens, our PrEP Navigator will complete the application with you during your enrollment visit. For additional questions, please call Evan at (318) 222-6633 ext. 2010.  

What is PrEP?

Learn about PrEP and how it works. 

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Our Advocate talks about PrEP!


PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)


Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV (PEP) Quick Sheet

WHEN IN DOUBT: Refer back to PC Wellness/PrEP/PEP Clinic at 2020 Centenary Blvd., Shreveport, LA 71104 (318) 222-6633 ext. 2031

1. Treatment guidelines – treatment must be initiated within 72 hours of exposure and continued within the next 24 hours. The first 24 hours is the ideal treatment window.    

2. Medication suggestion – Truvada (200mg-300mg) & Tivicay (50mg), each, once per day     

3. Patient navigation Each of these benefits will have the looks of an insurance benefit card. Make sure to have the key pieces of information for each program: ID Number, PCN, BIN, and Group